This Post came into existence in 1919 following the end of WW 1  and was named for Edward W. Kells who was killed in WWI.

Post 316 operated without a charter for twelve years.On March 19, 1931 the Post received a temporary Charter.

On March 4, 1933 Post 316 received there regular charter and became known as the Edward W. Kells American Legion Post 316.

From 1919 until 1937 the members held there meetings at the Village Hall which was located on Canal Street in Stapleton.

​In 1937 they moved into there meeting hall in Oakwood.

After WW II another names was added to the Post.Richard A. Grennie who killed in WW II. 
Duly approved at a constituted meeting and would now be known as theKells - Grennie Post  316 and was acknowledged at a meeting by the

American Legion Department of New York, held at 2750 Amboy Road, Staten Island New York on October 28, 1953.
Duly approved by the Judge Advocate of the American Legion  Department of New York on November 18, 1953

The First Commander was

George T. Wright

This year 2016 will mark the last year that the Kells - Grennie  Post 316

will be holding our meetings in this building.Below is a copy of the letter about the sale of the

​Kells - Grennie  Post 316 Headquarters located at 2750 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10306

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Letter on the sale of Post 316 Headquarters Building

In 1939 the Post moved into there

​own building in the 

town of Oakwood.

When the Post began in 1919 the meetings were held at the Village Hall in the town of Stapleton

First Original Charter Issued On March 14, 1933

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History Video of

Kells - Grennie Post 316

​1919 - 2016

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Updated Charted issued on February 28, 1945

Following the end of WW II

the name Richard A. Kells

was added to Post 316

and the Post officially named

The Edmund Kells - Richard A. Grennie

American Legion Post 316

as the official name